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SubtleMods: the Black Pits in BGEE

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Introducing a proper version 1.0 of The Black Pits in BGEE, a mod which - you guessed it - puts the Black Pits mini-campaign into BGEE and EET.

You can download the mod here.

A Readme is here.

The mod is pretty simple: it adds a cut scene to chapter 7 of the BG1 campaign, just after you leave Candlekeep and are on your way back to Baldur's Gate. Baeloth and Najim will appear with the intent to abduct you; through dialogue with them, you can talk your way into, or out of, jumping to the Black Pits.Hopefully the dialogue choices for the two alternatives should be pretty obvious. (And at any rate, there will be an auto-save before the cut scene in case you mistakenly choose the wrong one.)

The mod was designed with the intent to leave the basic Black Pits campaign as unchanged as possible if you play it the normal way, from the "campaigns" menu in the BGEE app. However, if you go there from within a BGEE/EET game, there will be some notable differences:

  • You will not have the geas rings taking up a ring slot. In the basic BP campaign these rings prevent party members from dying permanently, so you will have to take care! Your BG party members can die in these fights. (And if they do, their equipment will be on the floor of the arena.)
  • To help you deal with that possibility, five scrolls of Raise Dead have been added to Dinguer the Mad's store.
  • To prevent duplication of magic items in these stores that you might see in the BG1 campaign, if you play BP this way many store items will be removed and replaced by magic items from IWD. Ever wanted to stab Angelo with Spell Diver? Or tag Sarevok with Holdfast Arrows? Now you can.
  • Many XP and gold rewards are substantially reduced. You will still earn a substantial amount of XP for fighting your way through the Black Pits - but more like 25,000 rather than 200,000.

If you avoid Larswood and this new cut scene is the first time you meet Baeloth, then his introduction in Larswood will be removed - because at this point, you will already have either met and dismissed him, or been abducted by him.

If you go to Larswood before chapter 7 you can meet Baeloth in the normal fashion, and recruit him into your party. Then you can play with him as normal... but be warned, when chapter 7 rolls around he will still want you for his fighting arena! You will still have a choice of what to do - go to the BP or keeping playing BG1 with Baeloth in your party - but going to the BP this way means you will only have a 5-person team!

Playing your way through the Black Pits in a BGEE or EET game means you cannot have Baeloth in your party in the very late stages of BG1 or in SoD. There is no forgiving his attempts to destroy you in the arena.

Report any bugs,, comments, suggestions, and hate mail in this thread. Cheers!

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