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[Beta 12] Lightfoot Halfling subrace receiving incorrect saving throws

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Hi David,

I have another problem with Montaron and any halfling I create. I thought Lightfoot halflings receive a +1 to all saving throws. Why then do they gain a bonus in Petrif/Poly and Breath, and a penalty to everything else? Also, I'm not sure whether the AC bonus vs. Ogres and Giants is working or not. I can't seem to find it in the effects list.


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UPDATE: I was actually wrong about this. I see that you're still using the SAVECNDH.2DA file for both Halflings and Dwarves even with the subrace component installed, and then correcting the saves for Halflings with an applied effect. This works fine for PCs, but Montaron still starts with a +4 bonus to all saves from the old 2DA file, instead of the corrected saves. He doesn't get the correct racial bonuses to thieving skills either.

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