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EET: Can not install "SubtleD Stat Overhauls" component 110.

Guest VoidHypo

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Guest VoidHypo

I'm trying to create an EET installation with PI and a bunch of mods. This is the error message:

//ERROR locating resource for 'APPEND'
//Resource [*.2DA] not found in KEY file:
//	[./chitin.key]
//Stopping installation because of error.
//ERROR: [kitlist.2da] -> [override/kitlist.2da] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("resource [*.2DA] not found for 'APPEND'"))
//Stopping installation because of error.
//Stopping installation because of error.
//Stopping installation because of error.
//ERROR Installing [Stat-based Bonus Spell Slots], rolling back to previous state
//Will uninstall  77 files for [SubtleD_Stat_Overhauls\SubtleD_Stat_Overhauls.tp2] component 110.
//Uninstalled     77 files for [SubtleD_Stat_Overhauls\SubtleD_Stat_Overhauls.tp2] component 110.
//ERROR: Failure("resource [*.2DA] not found for 'APPEND'")
//Please make a backup of the file: Setup-SubtleD_Stat_Overhauls.debug and look for support at: SubtleD
//Automatically Skipping [Stat-based Bonus Spell Slots] because of error.
//Using Language [English]
//weidu_external/lang/english/ubsetup.tra file not found. Skipping...
//NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Stat-based Bonus Spell Slots
//WARNING: unpausing installation will continue from next component.
//WARNING: SubtleD_Stat_Overhauls:110 has encounter errors durring installation, exited with ExitCode = 2

I've found another user on the internet with the same error message here, but there is no immediate fix described in that thread. So far no one on the discord could figure this out either. Was trying to create a changelog file to go with this post but the readme is nonexistant and i'm seriously starting to get pissed off at all of this bullshit. Pardon the language, but this bug plagued my installation for a couple days and it's annoying as hell.

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