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Could I get a review of my mod order?

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I have been working for several weeks (yes, weeks) on getting a good mod order setup. I am planning a full trilogy run with EET, so I have added quite a few quest, romance, and NPC mods as well as tweaks. I *think* I have everything ordered correctly, and I only get two warnings that appear to be harmless.

However, before I start on an actual run, I would like for the experts to peruse my logs and see if I need to bump anything around.


WeiDU-BGEE.log WeiDU.log

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Looks pretty solid.
Things I noticed, and these are real questions I do not know the answer to, if you studied the readmes you probably know more about it than me:
-I always flinch when I see BG2Fixpack on an EE install but I guess the components are fine for EE?
-Coran BGII NPC is early on the list, not with the other NPC mods?
-I have no idea about LCA. It is a rather big mods that makes lots of changes, I think (like being transferred back to BG1 after BGII etc). Can be good to install it early, can be good to install it late.
-I would install bg1re and RE before NPC mods, in case they have crossmod that is not inside Crossmod Pack
-ATweaks after EET_End, is this recommended?

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Posted (edited)

I'm not sure about the BG2Fixpack. Some were fixed by the EE's, so I assumed the remainder were still applicable. I then removed the ones that gave warnings or were fixed by something else. However, my last EET run was two years ago, so perhaps things have changed.

[EDIT] After reviewing the SCS readme, I'm going to pull the fixpack entirely.

For some reason, Coran was issuing a warning when I installed it where it originally was - after Cernd Friendship (I typically install mods in alphabetical order unless there is a dependency to satisfy). Since it's a BG2 mod, I figured it would be better to install it early than to install LCA later.

I assumed LCA would slot into "quest" mods, hence its inclusion amidst the other question mods. There wasn't any dependency info on LCA that I could find.

Good call on the romantic encounters. I remember running into a problem with Isra and Valerie, but I never tested to see if it was BG1NPC or BGRE. I plan to wait for Loretakers to be converted for EET, so I have some time to test this.

As for ATweaks, it was recommended to install after SCS. SCS was then subsequently recommended to be installed after EET_End. That's an odd one, as the IWD spells parts of SCS are installed in the Spells section while the bulk of it is installed later.


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