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35.17 NPC customization Bug

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On first look NPC customization runs fine but there is a little bug. Their HP cannot go below 1 so they are basically immortal. The workarond i found is to open save game with EEKeeper go to effects tab with the bugged NPC and delete "HP:minimum limit" entry.

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I can't reproduce this. (More accurately, I can reproduce this before you've finished levelling characters, but that's intentional: they lose their immortality as soon as they've levelled.)

Can you give me an exact reproduction case?

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It seems that in my case all single class NPCs are bugged. I recruit Minsc in Nashkel he is bugged, i go recruit Branwen she is bugged BUT Quale for example  is unaffected.

If you can't reproduce it's fine. I can live  with this and use EEkeeper. But if this help i remember that version 35.12 don't have this bug. I checked it specifically.

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