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Issue with InfinityLoader.exe on EET

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Hey there guys , sorry for the probably naïve question but I'm loosing it a bit so I thought I'd ask for some community wisdow.

I'm working on a fresh install of EET (so with Enhanced Editions on Steam), including EEex this time.
The whole install process goes according to plan but :

When I try to launch InfinityLoader.exe the executable just vanishes without even a warning, did it twice already

When I try to copy and paste the executable from EEex/loader back into the BG2 folder, I am denied permission to do so.

However, I can copy and paste InfinityLoader.exe anywhere else on my computer, in any other (in my case Steam) repository on my PC.
I triple checked folder permissions, they are fine, I am admin, not in a Program Files folder, UAC off ... everything.
I can also copy and paste any other random mod file (like a .tra or a .tp2 file, or any other .exe from another WeiDu mod) in the BG2 folder like anyone would.

It's just InfinityLoader.exe. It disappears, and I cannot paste it back for some unknown reason.

I even added an exception to my antivirus (Avast) to no avail (and Defender is turned off).

Any help would be awesome. I strongly suspect it's about EEex and InfinityLoader, posted on the Beamdog forums in case Bubb takes notice, but I figured I might ask here too in case anyone ever faced that.


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