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Imoen Romance Mod

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Hi, I searched this modding Q&A forum b4 making this topic. I just recently downloaded the Imoen Romance mod, and i notice there is really no guide to how to romance her right. I have completed Spellhold and her bantering is a little different with npc's but i havent seen any hints a romance talks. I have paused the game for a hour or 2 and sometimes it triggers a talk, however it never seems a romance one. I was simply wondering if anyone has played through this and can tell me if there is a way i might have screwed it up? In the shadowkeeper there is No File for ImoenRomaceActive of any kind like for others. Ive been playing since SH for awhile and nothing. Im confused at this mod as it doesnt seem to be doing anything. Also i can't initiate talks directly like the readme says u can.





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7 hours ago, Connelly said:

I assume you're still in the Underdark. You have to wait to reach the surface to keep progressing on it.

Also most of the discussion on the mod happens in the Beamdog forum thread. You're more likely to find help there.

Already completed Underdark, and restored her soul. I'm doing Watcher's Keep atm, i've notice in the past that dialogues tend to progress there as u complete the floors.

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If you've restored her soul, then you already passed the red line to actually start the romance (immediately after escaping the UD and reaching the surface, camping near the elven war camp is suggested. Several scenes happen involving a lute and a bucket of water. Depending on what you do, either romance starts there, or the door is forever closed).

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