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A strange error - that didn't cause a failure in Trap Overhaul

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I decided at the last moment to add ascension to my mod list when I found out you could only take the redeem Bhaltazar option and not the rewritten final chapter. I'm not sure what happened, but everything went normally until PI got to Trap Overhaul. I then got dozens of these lines:

//WARNING: error parsing GET_UNIQUE_FILENAME_BCS.IDS: Parsing.Parse_error

However, in the end, it installed successfully with no warnings?

//SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED      Trap Overhaul -> Monk Trap Evasion, Fast Trap Detection, Trap Recovery

This would seem to imply that everything installed okay, and indeed the game appears to be running normally. I was a touch concerned by the many dozens of parse error lines, though. Imoen doesn't have enough in traps to check the one that gets added to a house in Beregost, but I may boost her traps in EEkeeper to see if it's working.

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