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Question about simulacrum

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I'm new to this game, so I have a question about this spell that haven't been answered by anything I saw from a google search.  Multiclass simulacrums have 60% of the levels of each of your classes, as they are level drained copies of the characters who cast the spell.  However, a google search says this level drain affects memorized spells, although it's unclear as to whether it affects other abilities like use any item and whirlwind attack.

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Level drain affects memorized arcane and divine spells, by returning that character to an earlier point on the table of how many spell slots they have. In addition, any equipment that grants extra spell slots stops working. And any memorized spells that overflow the new slot limit become unavailable.

Innate spells, including high-level abilities, are unaffected. Aside from the "go to pocket plane" ability which is specifically removed, and sequencers/contingencies which get cleared because the effects they rely on aren't copied. The "Use Any Item" ability is irrelevant because the clone can't equip anything new, and equip conditions are only checked when putting an item on or leveling up. The clone is equipped with undroppable copies of any droppable items the original has equipped, while any undroppable items the original has go away. So clones of Nalia or Edwin wouldn't get copies of their personal jewelry - no extra spells for an Edwin clone, no extra saves/AC/fire resistance for a Nalia clone.

The calculation of exactly how many levels are drained on a simulacrum gets a bit weird. First, note that level drain is not applied independently to each class; instead, there's a single level drain number and it affects all classes that can gain experience equally. A multiclass character gets drained in all of their classes, while a dual-class character only has their new class drained. That said:

- A simulacrum of a multiclass character gets drained 40% of their average level. So a mage 20/thief 27 would be drained nine levels in each class (0.4*(20+27)/2, rounded down).

- A simulacrum of a dual-class character gets drained 40% of their level in one of their classes, rounded down. Which one? Whichever one's listed first in the corresponding multiclass name. So a fighter -> mage gets their mage class drained 40% of their fighter level, and a thief -> mage gets their mage class drained 40% of their mage level. It's even possible to engineer a dual-class character that doesn't get their simulacra drained at all; a fighter 2 -> mage has 40% of 2 round down to zero, so their simulacra are at full power with no level drain. Or on the flip side, you could set up circumstances in which any simulacrum you summon dies instantly from the level drain bringing their active class's level down to zero.

Well. That's my excruciatingly in-depth explanation of the mechanics. I hope it's useful.

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A quick test ... clones get the "Extra Level N Spell" abilities. But any form of level drain blocks extra spell slot effects, so that doesn't work on a simulacrum.

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Character files don't keep a history of what they were like at lower levels. Regressing to an older version of the character is fundamentally impossible. So the proficiencies are exactly as they are at full level. Thief skills ... those get reduced by level drain, scaling everything back. Also, clones can't interact with map objects, containers, or doors, so Find Traps and Open Locks are basically useless on a clone. And picking pockets is unwise.

Update: I tested it. Level drain reduces all thief skills that you have invested points in by approximately equal amounts, regardless of how many points you've invested in them. You end up with as many total skill points as you would have had at that level, but not the same distribution. Once this reduces a skill to zero (plus modifiers), any further reductions are split among the other skills, and that one skill doesn't go below zero (plus modifiers).

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