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RoyalProtector's Tweaks (ZSTweaks)

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Posted (edited)

This mod is just a collection of tweaks that I personally felt the game needed. It's my personal take on various things (spells, items and abilities). Everything is very modular, so you're not forced to pick an unappealing package-deal for the most part. The installation was only tested in BGEE and BG2EE. A limited selection of Tweaks are available for IWDEE, and it's technically compatible with EET too (untested).

Here's the GitHub link and readme.

Please do not come here to tell me that other mods already have that tweak, unless it's to point out that their code is better (which is very likely, since I essentially just learned the scripting language). And please read the notes at the bottom of the readme.

I very strongly recommend that if you use this mod, you install it as the first tweak mod, as older, more mature mods will cope with previous changes much better.  This may improve in the future, as I improve the code. If you're so inclined, criticize the code and propose changes through GitHub freely.


Credits and acknowledgements:

  • To BeamDog and Bioware for the game, obviously.
  • CamDawg for spending significant time to explain details about how WeiDu works, sharing insights, helpful code, and other matters for modding
  • DavidW for his great WeiDu tutorial
  • Thanks to the developers of WeiDu, including the documentation
  • The IESDP: invaluable resource.
  • People on Discord generally for their help, and the great modders out there that allowed their WeiDu code to be available publicly, like jmerry, Camdawg, 11jo, Argent77, Ardanis, DavidW, SubtleDoctor, among others.
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3 hours ago, suy said:

Quite a long list of tweaks! Kudos. I'll probably use some soon. :)

58 minutes ago, moggadeet said:

These look fantastic, very interested in giving them a go! Loving the spear, dagger, and robe changes especially.


3 hours ago, Sergio - ex SHS member said:

any chance of actually putting your "upgrade" and making an optional subcomponent to make it a bow?

I didn't consider something like this though the idea of making the equalizer a shape-changing weapon that becomes a bow or sword, for example, sounds quite cool.  

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Looks they changed the weapon completely and the longbow is unrelated to the original equalizer. I can't check at the moment.

I may look into this, it's an interesting idea. It seems that the balance of power between longbow and shortbow favors shortbows.

In any event, if I do it, it will be modular and independent of the other tweak.

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Posted (edited)

Just updated to 1.0.1



  • Some errors in the code found and fixed with the help of CamDawg
  • Made a few components more able to cope with non-linear installation orders
  • Typos and missing documentation for some components

New components

  • Make Comet bypass magic resistance and apply a mix of cold, fire and crushing damage
  • Make Wakizashis a piercing/slashing weapon
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Posted (edited)

Just updated to 1.0.2


New components

  • Make Wave slightly more powerful
  • Make the THAC0 progression of Thieves better and more streamlined, so they improve up to 6, like clerics
  • Make the THAC0 progression of Bards better and more streamlined, so they improve up to 6, like clerics
  • Make Poison Weapon improve a couple of times more every 4 levels (level 17, and 21)
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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, megrimlock said:

This is fast becoming a must have tweak mod. I won't use all of them, but it's a great selection.

Thanks, appreciate that. I have a backlog of tweaks I still want to add, so more incoming.

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Posted (edited)

Just updated to 1.0.3


  • Fixed probabilities in tweaks being 1% above the intended target


  • Changed Comet component so that each type of damage does at least 12-13 damage (overall damage unchanged)

New components

  • Make single-target healing spells other than Heal worth using (can be installed in IWDEE)
  • Make Mass Cure faster to cast to improve it as a combat spell and heal a bit more
  • Make CHARNAME's Tankard heal as much as a Potion of Extra Healing (Neera's quest)
  • Make Vicross' Thayan Circlet apply Improved Shield of Chaos instead of just Shield of Chaos
  • Make Drizzt's weapon slightly more worth stealing in BG2
  • Make Belt of Skillful Blade also increase piercing damage by 10%
  • Make Eyes of the Beholder's skills mirror the power of the spells they're based on
  • Make Robe of Invocation also improve all elemental damage by 5% and add a +2 save bonus against Invocation
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