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[35.17] During installation one component with errors and two with warnings

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During installation with current configuration the IWD Arcane Spells didn't install due to errors and the six new divine spells plus Smarter Mages gave numerous warnings. I suspect that it's an issue with Spell Revisions but I don't know enough to be sure. I present the logs not in the expectation that a mod author needs to accommodate all other mods but rather just to provide information.

Thank you for a great mod.

(SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG is too large to attach so I zipped it along with WeiDU.log)


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I ran into this with Subtledoctor's tweaks. The solution was to install the IWD spells earlier - in my case, I installed all the IWD spells between UI updates and quest mods and the rest of the mod after EET_End. If you are using PI, you can right-click on the mod component and split it off, then move the clone elsewhere in the order.

There are notes regarding spell revisions on the SCS readme page as well, but this might get around your hard errors. As for the warnings, it is possible that both are attempting to make the same changes and the second setup is detecting that nothing changed. I have a few harmless warnings in my install from this.

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Thank you for the helpful advice. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't notice the suggestion about early installation of SCS spells in the readme. I tested by installing the basics (DLCMerger, revert pathfinding, and UI stuff) then SR then SCS spell stuff. The IWD Arcane spells failed to install due to errors again but the new arcane and divine spells installed correctly. At this point I'm going to forgo SR since I value a fully-installed SCS without any errors or warnings over SR.

Attached are the logs again just for reference.

Another pair of logs.zip

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There's certainly an issue where IWD Arcane spells don't install after Spell Revisions; I've corrected it locally, it'll work in 35.18. I don't know of any other SR issues.

You should follow SubtleDoctor's advice on install order where his mod is concerned.

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