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Need help debugging a weird issue

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I originally posted this in the Gorgon's Eye thread, but after digging into it, I think I may have jumped to conclusions. To recap, I ran into a couple of odd issues with two houses in Beregost not being accessible. House 17 (the house across from the Red Sheaf where Borland will let you stash your stuff) and house 14 (the 2-story house next to the Jovial Juggler).

What is weird is that when I create a new game, with the current mods installed, I *CAN* enter both houses at first. If I load my last known good save and sleep, the save gets corrupted. I was able to salvage my save by editing it in NI and doing the following:

1) Deleting BG3317 (AR3317) from the save file restored access to Borland's house. Note, when I looked at the contents of BG3317.ARE, it appeared to be zero'ed out. Literally. The entire file was filled with zeros. Going to the area using the cheat console showed nothing - no containers, no actors, no door triggers - etc. Just the room artwork.

2) Deleting the flag "Connected to door(11)" on Trigger 15 (travel trigger to BG3327) in BG3300.ARE fixed the second house. The exit trigger appears to always work.

However, sleeping in Beregost AFTER fixing the save results in BG3317 getting corrupted again - though the trigger to BG3327 continued to work. I'm starting to think a script that runs when the party rests is corrupting the file, but I haven't tracked it down. It can't be sleeping itself, unless it is checking chapters, because I had my PC sleep in the CK inn before leaving to refresh spells and the party was initially able to access BG3317 and BG3327. It was only after they slept in Beregost that it went awry.

I realized that in my first known good save, I hadn't slept in Beregost yet - I had just picked up Sirene after breezing through. It was only on sleeping that the save game corruption happened. The question is, how can I trace what is happening when the party sleeps to find the offending script?

WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log

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Oddly enough, I did a test with a new game. I immediately jumped to Chapter 1 and then popped over to Beregost. The first time sleeping in house 14 went fine. The second time caused a CTD; if I had to guess, it was because something corrupted the house ARE file.

This means it is something in the mod list and not merely a corrupt save - which is disappointing as I have restarted from Candlekeep countless times already.

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