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G3: The Boareskyr Bridge Scene updates to v7 with Simplified Chinese Translation!

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The Boareskyr Bridge Scene

The mod gives more impact to the important scene at Boareskyr Bridge in SoD. Like Gorion's letter and the PC's dreams in BG1, the transformation into the slayer in SoA, and the trials in ToB, this scene is an important part of the PC's journey to godhood (or rejection of it). This mod tries to place emphasis on this scene by giving it more depth as well as deeper inclusion into the story by reactions of NPCs and other game characters.

There will be more warnings before going to the bridge and NPCs will react to what happens on it, and depending on the installed components the actual scene will also be extended with description text and choices for the player how the PC will deal with the erupting divine energy including resulting stat changes.

The mod is compatible with Siege of Dragonspear BGEE and EET.

Version 7 comes with a Simplified Chinese version. Thank you for the translation!


-Simplified Chinese translation added, by yoshimo0417, setup.tra format corrections by MephistoSatanDevil
-typo ocrrections.


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