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G3: "Heroes, Thieves and Moneylenders" Mod Updated to v.4.4

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"Heroes, Thieves and Moneylenders" mod
(Authors: Austin, Scheele, Alisia & Arcanecoast Team)

"HTaM" mod adds new quests, episodes and characters, several new areas, additional banters and interjections for NPCs from the main game and from some other mods.

The mod is compatible with BG2, BG2: EE, BGT and EET.

Version 4.4 includes the following changes:

  • added compatibility with the "Expanded Thief Stronghold" mod (previously, in Component №2, one of the quests did not work correctly if this mod was installed). Expanded Thief Stronghold mod, if you plan to use it, must be installed BEFORE installing HTaM!
  • quest entries in the journal have become even more detailed
  • now, if the player decides to kill Lawrence (from Component №2), then jewelry can be found on his corpse
  • animations of orcs from the Jackal group (Component №2) have been replaced with animations of half-orcs so that this does not contradict the text description.
  • improved code that calls couriers who transmit messages to start quests (Components №2-4)
  • the fight with the Collector (Component №2) has become simpler and more balanced for the early stage of the game
  • fixed a bug in the dialogue code with the Jackal; previously, choosing one of the answer options led to a bug
  • the text of the English version has been slightly improve

Project Page
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Download mod from G3
Download mod from GitHub

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