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Thoughts on F/M/C/T and ~2.5E Proficiencies

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Thoughts on BG with hybrid 2.5e proficiency system with inspiration from BG3 / 3e, 5e progression freedom?
Warrior: +5 Proficiency
Rogue: +4 Proficiency
Priest: +3 Proficiency
Wizard: +2 Proficiency
All: Max weapon styles proficiency options.
Multi and dual class: Highest Proficiency progression class group used.

Fighter / Mage / Cleric / Thief in Waterdeep in 2nd Edition AD&D:
"...Page 114 of The Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep Levels.

Now, I have no idea what the game designers were thinking here, as the multi-class limit was one of the foundational rules of 2nd edition. No DM would ever let this happen. It is basically heresy. Yet, here it is in print. This is the only instance of this I've ever seen, my first thought is that it's a typo. Kind of like the +6 dagger in Menzoberranzan. Anyway... I've copied and pasted the entire NPC entry here as proof:

" Arlen of the Swiftstrike: CN em F9/W10/P9/T11:
AC -1; MV 12; hps 81; THAC0 12; #AT 3/2; Dmg
by spell or weapon type; 1-3 (quarrel from hand
crossbow), 1-8 + variable (long sword of dancing),
1-6+3 (flail +3); STR 18/20, INT 16, WIS 15, DEX
18, CON 16, CHR 14. Spells: see below."

"A relative newcomer to Undermountain, Arlen
moved in four years ago to avoid prosecution by the
Waterdeep authorities. He was spotted assassinating
a local baron and knew if he did not make good his
escape he would swiftly dangle from a rope. He
feared they could use spells to see through any of his
disguises. He has recently begun making occasional
trips to the cityfor profit and to keep his skills in
peak condition. He hopes enough time has gone by
that he is no longer being actively hunted and that
the wanted posters bearing his face are only a memory.
The vagabond elf, who considers himself a jack-ofall-
trades, thrives in the Deep Levels of Undermountain.
Living in Skullport, he spends hours upon hours
hatching elaborate scams to ply against the nobles,
merchants, and officials of Waterdeep. A consummate
con artist, Arlen enjoys the thrill of a successful
con more than the financial gain it nets him
although the gain is usually considerable. It matters
little to him whether the con is perpetrated against
those in Waterdeep or adventurers traveling in Halaster
s dungeon.
He has romanced wealthy women, passed himself
off as a traveling jeweler, convinced crowds that he
has a magical cure-all for sale, and has concocted a
variety of guises and stories that have bilked money
from unsuspecting Waterdhavians; Of course, Arlen
has been known to spend several weeks at a time
underground, especially when he fears conditions are
too hot above ground or if he spotted a familiar
Guardsmans face. During this time, the master of
disguise works at creating more disguises and magical
potions to aid in pulling off his assorted jobs.
Player characters are likely to encounter Arlen
anywhere in Undermountain. He will not fight
them, unless seriously threatened. Rather, he will try
to scam them, acting the part of an escaped slave or
lost adventurer. When he has convinced the PCs of
his role, he will pick a few choice pockets and
vanish into the shadows of Undermountainto create
a new disguise and attempt to scam them again
Arlen has the nonweapon proficiencies Disguise
(19), Ventriloquism (18) Appraising (19), Tumbling
(19), and Jumping (20). Much of Arlens wealth is scattered in little niches
about Undermountain. However, he keeps 2,500 gp,
1,200 sp, 300 cp and 100 pp in a hidden niche near
Spikes home. Several packets of dust of disappearance
and dust of tracelessness also are stored there. His
room at Skullport is filled with an assortment of male
and female clothes, make-up, wigs, costume jewelry,
walking sticks, boots, and other objects to help him
pull of his disguise acts. Arlen always wears and carries
his: cloak of protection +3, worn leather armor +2,
boots of elvenkind, long sword of dancing, bag of holding
(30 cubic feet), and three packets of dust of disappearance.
Arlen has the following wizard spells: 4, 4, 3, 2, 2.
He usually memorizes change self, chill touch, grease,
spider climb, Melfs acid arrow, mirror image, Tashas
uncontrollable hideous laughter, web, suggestion, vampiric
touch, wind wall, phantasmal killer, polymorph self,
chaos, feeblemind.
He has the following priest spells: 6, 5, 3, 2, 1,
with major access to the spheres of All, Charm,
Combat, Divination, Protection, and minor access to
the spheres of Healing and Guardian. He usually carries:
cure light wounds ×3, detect magic, curse, hold person,
chant, spiritual hammer, silence 15 radius,
withdraw, prayer, speak with dead, dispel magic, detect
lie, spell immunity, flamestrike.""

Thoughts and suggestions?

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Swords and Blades Reworked Proficiencies (Sensical)


Focused Weapon Group Proficiencies:

Straight-bladed Great Swords
Straight-bladed Large Swords
Straight-bladed Small Swords

Curved-bladed Great Swords
Curved-bladed Large Swords
Curved-bladed Small Swords

Short Blades / Daggers / Knives


Broad Weapon Group Proficiencies:

Bladed Weapons
Blunt Weapons
Piercing Weapons
Missile Weapons


Martial or Simple Weapon Group Proficiencies: [3E, 5E]

Martial Weapons
Simple Weapons


Weapon Examples:

Great Sword (1D12 Requires 18 Strength Two-handed) [Straight-bladed Great Swords][Bladed Weapons][Martial Weapons]

Long Sword [Two-handed Sword] (1D10 Requires 14 Strength Two-handed or Requires 18 Strength One-handed) [Straight-bladed Great Swords][Bladed Weapons][Martial Weapons]

Bastard Sword (2D4 Requires Requires 6 Strength Two-handed or 11 Strength One-handed) [Straight-bladed Large Swords][Bladed Weapons][Martial Weapons]

Arming Sword [Long Sword] (1D8 Requires 6 Strength One-handed) [Straight-bladed Large Swords][Bladed Weapons][Martial Weapons]

Short Sword (1D6 Requires 3-5 Strength One-handed) [Straight-bladed Small Swords][Bladed Weapons][Martial Weapons]

Dagger (1D4 Requires 1-3 Strength One-handed) [Short Blades / Daggers / Knives][Bladed Weapons][Simple Weapons]


-Matthew Gordon Roulston 1:59 PM 11th / 06 (June) / 2024

Swords and Blades Reworked Proficiencies (Sensical).txt

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Posted (edited)

Proficiency Groups Maximums
Focused Weapon Group Proficiencies: +5 Maximum
Broad Weapon Group Proficiencies: +4 Maximum
Martial or Simple Weapon Group Proficiencies: +3 Maximum
Weapon Fighting Style Proficiencies: +2 Maximum
All: Bonuses stack / cumulatively combine together; same with racial and or class / other weapon / proficiencies bonuses.

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