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EET Renaming Consideration

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7 hours ago, MephistoSatanDevil said:

EET unites 4 separate campaigns into a single game.

See? This is the strongest winning argument for trolling all the BG3 discussions. They respected so little the originals that they don't even counted them well...

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On 6/12/2024 at 3:43 AM, subtledoctor said:

I've got IWD, IWD2, NWN, Black Puts, and Black Pits 2 in my game so... Enhanded Edition Nonalogy?

Enhanced Edition Sequence or Enhanced Edition Series? may Enhanced Edition Suite?


17 hours ago, Trouveur80 said:

I always thought EET was referring to three different releases : BGEE, SoD and BG2EE

but ToB is a separate campaign.

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6 minutes ago, Isewein said:

There used to be so many people confusing EET with Roxanne's EET Setup that I legitimately thought it would be best for the project to change its name.

Ironically Roxanne's mod manager is called "EE Mod Setup" (without T), but that didn't stop people confusing it with EET.

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Roxanne's Mod Setup Tool was also confused with EET because of all the alts pretending like Sandrah Saga + the rest is "EET". There were times hwere I posted several posts a week explaining to newbees (or Roxanne alts) that EET does not include all the mod content they were referring to.

On topic: I also think that the Trilogy rin the name efers to BG1+SoD+BGII.

What I never understood is why BGT was called "Trilogy". :p

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Posted (edited)
44 minutes ago, Trouveur80 said:

It's included in BG2EE, no longer a separate addon.

Yes, the Throne of Bhaal is not an expansion that requires separate installation in the Enhanced Edition; it is included within Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition.

However, within the game, it remains a separate campaign.

5 minutes ago, jastey said:

On topic: I also think that the Trilogy rin the name efers to BG1+SoD+BGII.

What I never understood is why BGT was called "Trilogy". :p

Similarly, the original  Baldur's Gate Trilogy refers to the three separate campaigns of the original "Baldur's Gate and Tales of the SwordCoast " , "Shadows of Amn", and "Throne of Bhaal", although among them, Tales of the SwordCoast is an expansion that requires separate installation.

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