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[QUESTION] Ranger Steath vs Move Silently

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@jmerry Thank you. being that stealth used to be a combination of move silently and hide in shadows, do you know why it only used move silently? I had read in another string that ones success in hiding was dependent on the average of move silently and hide in shadows?


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Oh, you mean original bg1 and bg2, as a consequence of bg1ee using the bg2 engine . I think they just split the skill in bg2, so you would have somewhere to add points. Since like you said, nothing uses them separately. They didn't even add an extra effect for the second.

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30 minutes ago, a.greene said:

... do you know why it only used move silently?

Looking at the CRE format, Move Silently uses the same field that old Stealth did, one byte at 0x68. And then there wasn't a free byte close by to that, so Hide in Shadows got the byte at 0x45 when the skill was split for BG2. (0x44 is now a one-byte reputation field; easy to imagine that being a two-byte field that got trimmed to make room)

But of course, there's no real distinction between the two stealth skills now. All stealth checks use the average of Hide and Move Silently.

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