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[Beta 12] Dragon Disciple not immune to Hold

Guest Ludwig_II

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Guest Ludwig_II

Hi, I'm playing as a Black Dragon Disciple which is level 10 now, in BG2EE. It is supposed to gain immunity to hold at level 7. But I don't see anything that shows this in the character sheet. Also, my char gets held by a carrion crawler's attack. So, it doesn't seem to have this immunity.

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The carrion crawler attack is paralysis; while paralysis is usually treated the same as "Hold" for the purpose of immunity, it doesn't have to be. There are some mechanical differences; "Hold" inherently shows a portrait icon, has a specific visual effect, and displays a string in the EE, while paralysis doesn't do any of that. (Paralysis effects, can, of course, come with explicit auxiliary effects for that other stuff)

As for the lack of a portrait icon, the Undead Hunter doesn't have a portrait icon for their hold/paralysis immunity either. I don't think any of the standard portrait icons are a good fit for hold immunity; adding an icon for these class abilities would necessitate a new graphic.

So it's entirely possible that nothing is wrong here. You'd have to test against a proper Hold effect to be sure ... and that pretty much has to be an enemy casting a Hold Person or Hold Monster spell at you. A "friendly" cast of one of those spells is not an option.

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Guest Ludwig_II

All right, that is informative, thanks. You're right, the attack didn't show a portrait icon like it does with "Hold Person" spell for example. Sorry about the wrong alarm then.

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