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Is there an easy way to edit spheres of cleric kits and cleric multiclasses after installation?

Guest roshan

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Guest roshan

Hi guys, is there an easy way to edit spheres available to the various cleric kits and cleric multiclasses after installation? Want to play around with this a bit. Thank you!

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You can do it, though it's not trivial. The data is all in override/m_dw_ssd.lua, which you can edit in Near Infinity or with a text editor. You'll need to find the number corresponding to your kit, which you can find in override/kitlist.2da (again, edit with NI or a text editory). Then you're looking for a line like


On my install this gives the spheres for kit 79 (clerics of Azuth).

If you're editing a favored soul, you're instead looking for something like  


which on my install is the Favored Soul of Corellon.

If you're editing a class, you're looking for something like


where now the numbers refer to classes in class.ids - this is the spheres for class 6, which is Paladin.

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