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LLA suggestion: War Priest

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I think I’ve mentioned before that the Combat sphere feels so good it’s hard to pick a deity without it. Even a back line cleric wants Bolt of Glory and Flame Strike. Would it be possible to have a low-level ability that grants access to the sphere? I assume for any sphere to be an option would require more programming, which is why I suggest this one specifically.

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That’s very fair. As a horizontal suggestion then I’ve had decent results from giving DuHM and Bolt of Glory to Good sphere clerics. The former is associated with Good by BG itself and the latter is intended to destroy undead and fiends. It also evens out the disparity between Good and Evil spheres a bit.

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I don’t see an issue with them staying in Combat really. I think the biggest question in practice is Viconia — if you move them, she loses access to them. Aerie, on the other hand, gains them whether you move them or duplicate them. I do also think they’re broadly appropriate for Combat. 

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