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[SoD] Remove usage of FOG_TYPE variable from the game

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The FOG_TYPE variable is hardcoded to select a custom fog definition for an area. However, it has been implemented in a buggy way. See this comment for more details:


The SoD base game uses FOG_TYPE in several instances. Since it's already used pretty early in the main plot it overrides many other fog definitions which will therefore not function as intended anymore.


  1. Coast Way Crossing (BD1000): FOG_TYPE is set by the cutscene that is executed when the bridge is destroyed by Caelar's troups to simulate smoke. This map also has a 20% chance to generate generic fog before the bridge event happens. Removing FOG_TYPE would result in losing this generic fog completely.
  2. Ambush area (BD6100): FOG_TYPE is set to enable the mist effect when the party is ambushed by the Shadow Thieves at the end of SoD when you flee from Baldur's Gate. Removing FOG_TYPE should not have any side effects.

Would a fix like this be suitable for EEFP?

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