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Barbarian multiclasses can't use some items that should be allowed

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This relates to the "Make Barbarian a Class" component. Quite a lot of items have the "barbarian" unusability flag set, and this flag is inherited by all the new barbarian/X kits. The problem comes in when that flag is set on an item that a single-class fighter can't use, but some part-fighter multiclasses can. A quick search in NI found over 200 items that are flagged unusable by barbarians and also unusable by single-class fighters in BGEE; here are some highlights:

AMUL16 "The Amplifier"

AMUL21 "Amulet of Power"

All the arcane scrolls.

All the mage robes.

Boots of Stealth (both BOOT02 and boot02zh).

Shadow Armor +3.

Potions of Master Thievery and of Perception.

Honorary Ring of Sune (priest spell slots)

Wands - basically everything but the wand of magic missiles.

So a barbarian/mage is basically completely unusable if this isn't addressed (the current version of the component doesn't allow barbarian/mages at all), a barbarian/cleric can't use wands or scrolls or jewelry to enhance their spell power, and a barbarian/thief can't use any of the skill-enhancing items.

At first glance, it looks like the simplest solution is to just go through all items and remove the "barbarian" kit unusability flag from all items that have the "fighter" class unusability flag set. That would allow the new barbarian multiclasses to use the item if the base fighter multiclass could. Thoughts?

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Noted, thanks. & yes, that sounds like the right solution.

(There aren't any barbarian/mages in ToF - I got rid of the ones in early versions because I didn't like the flavor - but I guess there might be one day.)

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