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Planescape ee - strange problem with (new) innate spell.

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I have a very strange(?) problem. It may seem trivial, but check it out. Perhaps the answer is simple after all.

I made an innate spell (Blessing) that works. Then when I rename it (the file, 6, 7, 8 letters) I do everything as expected in cre (NI), the spell copies 1:1 with just a different name and... stops working! One spell works (g-ina1), and another does not (g-bbina1, ina2). Even if I remove the spell from the saved spells and replace: old one with the same old one, it doesn't work, just like one of them (first old one) is somehow self-hardcoded. I don't understand this at all.

How the hell, I did the first bless to work? 🤣

In zip is ui.menu, necessary for unblocking special abilities for non hardcoded char.



 Name of spell in hex editor (inside cre file) must be changed to upper case. Only this works for me. Idk if it's Linux's fault or what.

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