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(Suggestions) Revised Ability Scores. Shapeshifting

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Systematically altering NPC Strength should be coupled with systematically altering item Strength requirements.

This came to my attention via Kivan and Shar-teel being unable to use compound longbows, but a quick peek in Near Infinity reveals Yeslick, Khalid and Jaheira are all unable to wear full plate.

These kind of character utility reductions are way worse for me than most others (I play insane, no reload, double damage, maxed SCS, no pregen companions) but even for casuals this is a significant, vaguely documented, nerf.

Dex and Con requirements "should" be scaled the same though I can't think of any items off hand that need them to be certain values (outside of the janky NPC specific item stat requirements).


As I posted here https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/38402-installdocumentation-issue-with-tof/ there is an awkward compatibility issue with shapeshifting between SCS and ToF.

Is it feasible for all ToF shapeshifting stuff be isolated into one component so that one could simply pick the SCS or ToF system?


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Strength: yes, point taken.

Shapeshifting: I'm not sure one component is the way to go but it would be possible to isolate the Shapeshifter component of Revised Kits. Will see if I can do that for the next version.

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Damn, that was quick.

I was just about to edit my shapeshift bit.

There is already a ToF shapeshifting component "Revised Druid Shapeshift", which is what I assumed, in my original install, would conflict with SCS "Improved Shapeshifting" rather than the multiple class/kit affecting "Revised Vanilla Kits".

My more (slightly) thought out suggestion is to move the shapeshifting parts from RVK to RDS.

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