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Need help to make a new areas mod (I am willing to pay $)

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Hi guys I am totally new here I only started to play baldirs gate since 1 year because I wasnt interested younger


Anyways I am currently playing with eet as my fourth playthrough and using bt bgt mod also 


And aside from that I wanted to fill the worldmap with mods to be in a even bigger world but unfortunately I had many problems pushing me to install and reinstall everything and God it's long


So I had some ideas about making a mod myself but? BUT I AM A TOTAL IDIOT and I just cant use infinity engine or code in general there is just noway so I made an account here just to ask you guys a little help


FOR NOW all I need is just someone to make an area mod for me I have already some map art template and I need someone to just create a simple mod that links the map to the world map no need for npcs quests or anything for now its just for me

I don't know if I an very clear haha and I know it's bold of me to ask something like this but still I am willing to pay as it's something that would improve my gameplay and fun

Some map art template below





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