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Summons follow the summoner around

Guest Cedric Kidd

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Guest Cedric Kidd

The summons follow the summoner around whenever they are out of the summoner's sight when SCS is installed. Is there a way to disable this?

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Not without doing surgery on scripts.

The main "follow the summoner" block for generic summons is in genai/ssl/summon_initial.ssl - the last block there. Comment it out or delete it before installing SCS, and that'll handle most summons.

Some summons have special movement abilities, like the nymphs from Call Woodland Beings. So they have a section in their script to go back to the summoner - on foot if they're relatively close, teleporting if they're not. That's in priest/ssl/main/nymph.ssl. Or nymph.BCS in the override after installation.

There might be others out there; this is a quick scan, not an exhaustive list.

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Several mods have introduced the tag-along summons as a "convenience" but it's definitely worse than original game summon behavior, repeatedly telling the summons to hold their position rather than ball around the summoner (which is useless and also dangerous if there's an invisible enemy who the summons can't see - all except Planetars - that one is then drawn straight to the party), it's far more frustrating than having to micro them into desired positions, as it was originally.

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Posted (edited)

I'm also not a fan of the summons following you around. I miss them staying where you parked them if they don't see any enemies to attack.

EDIT: If I do this change without reinstalling will it break anything? It's been a long time since I coded anything. Do I just need to // the IF TRIGGER or every line? I guess I could do every line in the bottom section to be safe. Thanks for the suggestion, jmerry.

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