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Totemic Shaman

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Even if you install druids use cleric exp the barbarian totemic druid multi class it uses the druid exp table still. 

This may be a forced limitation as fighter druid actually exists in game.
(i actually prefer this as it varies it from my MC clerics but may change my mind between druid level 14 and 15)

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It shouldn't be a limitation. After all, the XP table component isn't turning druids into clerics that fake being druids; it's just straight-up editing the XPLEVEL.2DA table the game uses. Which defines how much XP it takes to level up in each single class; multiclass characters read from all relevant rows of that table.

What does XPLEVEL.2DA look like for you?

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Posted (edited)

looks like it didn't install correctly. if you make a druid mage it just becomes a cleric mage. so it something wrong with my install. 

spent too long installing everything to reinstall now (and isn't going to affect my party)


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Only using ~LEUI-BG1EE/LEUI-BG1EE.TP2~ #0 #0 // lefreut's Enhanced UI (BG1EE skin) - Core component: 4.8

Normally works reinstalling ToF now 

(the reinstall is telling me that requirements are not met for loads of things. when it finishes i may try to install without batch



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