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Been awhile since I've posted an update here, so I thought I would go ahead and post one.

  Work on the re-write continues to progress, though at a slower pace, due mostly to one bad reason, and one good reason.  First the bad:  laptop crapped out.  I typically have a laptop and a desktop to work with at any given time which gives me a lot of flexibility in my day-to-day life.  I decided to get a really nice "gaming" laptop this time around, specced even better than my desktop so I can perform all the functions I need to on either machine, giving me even more flexibility than I had prior.  Hopefully it works out the way I think it will :)

The good:  I'm onto the part where I am creating entirely new items.  Not planning to do a ton of these, mostly just filling in some gaps for under-represented items.  I am aware there is already a mod for this type of thing, which is why this is going to be pretty limited.  I'm trying to make these new items pretty unique, to boot, in terms of what they can do.  At least some of them will be upgrade able as well.  Even trying my hand at making a cursed item or two.  This is the primary reason that progress is going much slower, since I'm doing these from scratch.  It takes a good bit of creativity and thinking to come up with new, unique, stuff.  It's not just copying an existing item and making a few alterations, here's my thought process when making these:


  1. What type of item is going to be - axe, sword, armor, etc...
  2. What I can make it do that hasn't already been done, and isn't too powerful for the games and where I want to place it within.
  3. What name and description I should give it that makes it interesting and alludes to what it can do, and explains why it can - This is the most time-consuming part for me, since whatever backstory I give something, I try to make sure it makes sense within both the lore and era of the games, and doesn't just sound lazy or slapped together.
  4. Making it work the way I intend it to - Second toughest part.  Lots and lots of testing and adjusting here, and if I can't make it work the way I want due to limitations of the game engine, or my own modding skills, I have to go back to to square one.
  5. Creating new icons, visual effects, and sounds as needed.


Once done here, I move onto the item upgrades component.  Planning on doing a mix of leveraging existing NPCs for some, and creating a new NPC for others.  Never created an entirely new NPC like this, so we'll see how it goes!


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