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Vs Iwdification

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Not sure if this was reported before, but there is an install order incompatibility between the component

~DW_TALENTS/DW_TALENTS.TP2~ #0 #40700 // Allow monks to use staffs: Beta 12

and the component

~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ #0 #140 // Randomized Enemy Equipment -> Add High Quality Items: v5

Talents of Faerun adds a restriction so that only human monks benefit from the animation change.

This protects all non-human and non-monks creatures from the effects of the item used.

But Iwdification copy and rename some of these items so some creatures are no longer protected against DavidW effects then result to these oddities.

If someone encounter this issue a little fix is available below the screenshot in the previous link.


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Yes, it was (ToF then Iwidivication) and should be (IWDification, then ToF.)

In général with this ToF component :

- Any mods that will add new items after this component will not benefit from your workaround.

- For any mods adding new effects to existing items the new effects will not work if installed after your component. (For pnj non Monk Human Female, mostly every creatures...)

So if I don't do any misinterpretation this particular component should be one of the very last in install order.

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