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[beta 12] Spells increased in power and Spell-50

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Not so much a bug report, as just a note on incompatibility.

If installing Spell-50 with a level cap of 50, and then installing ToF's Spells increased in power, you will get this error:

Including and running function(s) mordenkainens_force_blade_thac0
ERROR: cannot convert thac0_array_FIGHTER_41 or %thac0_array_FIGHTER_41% to an integer
Stopping installation because of error.
ERROR: [SPWI716.spl] -> [override/SPWI716.spl] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)

Ardanis correctly identified the issue in discord:


looks like a conflict with spell-50
it tries to evaluate "thac0array_FIGHTER_41", but it's not defined
my very educated guess is that it's a nested variable, namely "thac0_array_FIGHTER%level%" where level is retrieved from spwi716's header
before that, it probably have read the thaco table and stored it as "thac0array%class%_%level%"
but while spell levels go up to 50, the thaco table is still 40

As a sidenote, using Spell-50's option for a lv40 cap seems to give no issues.



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Found and fixed locally, thanks (I saw the Discord report). Will be in the next SCS/ToF versions, or you can hotfix by dropping the attached file into dw_talents/spells.

(EDIT, use the one below instead.)

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Well, now it's a slightly different error, with the difference that I'm seeing it now both in IWD and BG1 (the previous one only in IWD).

ERROR: cannot convert sfo_thac0_FIGHTER_14 or %sfo_thac0_FIGHTER_14% to an integer

In both BG1 and IWD the error happens with scaling set both at 50 and 40. 30 is the default IWD scaling so no reason trying any lower. With the scaling to 30 "Spells increased" installed fine in both games. Then again, *realistically* no player would level up further than 20 at least in BG1, so even if you introduce Mordenkainen's Sword even into BG1, that's not really a problem.

Funnily enough the tweak seems to be fine installing on BG2 with any scaling setting.

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