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NPC and place names titles are mixed from other mods.

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Guest BioKem

The NPC and Place names for things in the mod are lines from other mods.  For example, the Calisham bank is called "Gloves of Backstabbing," and the bank guards are called "I don't expect you to understand what I am about General." I have reinstalled/removed/changed the install order for this and other mods, and it just changes where the names are coming from.  I figure it has something going on with the dialog.tlk, but I don't understand why it is only this mod if it is a general corruption.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game/portions of this mod/other mods and get the same results.  If I move the mod install order around I get different names, but it still is pulling from somewhere else.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hello! This has nothing to do with this mod, only with the installation order. This problem occurs if one of the mods or one of its components was reinstalled during installation, but was not completely removed before that (for example, it was removed without using the installer to remove it, or the removal was interrupted). As a result, the dialog.tlk file remains corrupted. You need to completely reinstall all mods and start a new game.

To further remove any mod, be sure to use the installer's exe-file and its Uninstall function.

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