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List/Database of Mod Initial Public Release Dates

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Hearty hails!

I am working on documenting information on IE mods, and one of the trickiest things to nail down is a mod's initial release date (not necessarily v1.0). Alas, many mods have incomplete version history documentation. Fortunately, mod release announcements on forums have been very helpful in supplementing version histories.

It eventually occurred to me that someone else must surely have performed this very task, perhaps even with active involvement in the IE mod community over the years - something I, regrettably, cannot claim.

So, here I am, asking if anyone has undertaken such an endeavour, knows of someone that has undertaken such an endeavour, or has a file or link to the product of such an endeavour? Maybe even point someone to this post if you suspect they have chronicled the deep lore of the IE mod community. Any help at all is quite likely to save me no small amount of time.


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