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("Balance" Suggestion)New Classes and Base Game NPC's


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Suggestion - If it isn't already the case, base game companions should only receive new kits when the component "Improved NPC Customization and Management" is installed in addition to the component(s) introducing the kit(s). Requiring Near Infinity or -Keeper tools to rectify crippling deficiencies would be unfortunate.

This is "required" because many of the kit/class combinations are thematic/flavour based (and maybe inspired by source material?) rather than balanced in relation to each other or general gameplay.

Key victim here is Aerie. Her Baervarn kit removes the combat sphere and her Elementalist kit removes Stoneskin!

My personal view is that 99% of the time, mage and cleric specialisations are not worth the hassle, but at least if the player is using a full set of custom companions (or is playing IWD anyway) there is room for using kits with specific weaknesses to cover for other kits with specific weaknesses, etc.

Because of my specific playstyle, having dozens of cool, powerful, options for my main character is nice and anything too silly (hello zerker/wild mage multi) can simply be avoided by not playing it, but having these options impact base game companions kinda sucks. 

Changing Aerie to an Illusionist of Baervan is what I did here, and Illusionists now have Telekinetic Storm for late ToB damage too. Neat.

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NPC specific weapons are being assigned correct (afaik) usability flags, presumably via the "Revised Weapon Proficiency System" component, however NPC specific gear that aren't weapons still have huge restrictions on kit/class usage.

eg. Turning Anomen into a pure cleric blocks usage of his shield. Turning Jan into a pure thief or f/m/t blocks usage of his gloves and goggles.

This issue has cropped up for pretty much every mod that has altered companion classes and I've always thought dicking around with usability flags and opcodes to achieve the "correct" usage restrictions to be largely inconsequential considering how niche/useless most of these items are, but at least widening the options for the items shouldn't be controversial.

eg. Cernd's cloak usable by rangers, druids, and multi-/dual- variations of the two.


Keldorn's sword cant be used by other paladin kits. Again, its largely irrelevant since dual wielding is better and the whole point of giving him a different kit is to give him spell access (and stack resistances with Defender of Easthaven).

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