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So if I simply wish to change only the test of possible responses of the protaganist to an npc from a mod.....

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Can I just change it in the appropriate .d file in the game's over ride folder (saving off a backup .d file first of course) ? Or is there some sort of compiling required?

This would be for personal use only. Thanks.


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Normally, that .d file references a .tra file for its actual strings; while people will put the (primary language) text in comments, the actual code of the .d file will have @ references instead, and you'll have to edit that tra file (in your language) for the test that goes into the game.

All before you install the mod, of course.

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Huh? If you're replacing files, it has to be the files that the mod will actually use when it installs - the ones in the mod folder. Any backups you make of the unaltered versions ... those can go anywhere that the mod won't use.

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Ah. No. Modifying the files in the override - the resources the game actually uses - definitely won't help. The text isn't even there anyway; it's all in "dialog.tlk", which isn't even in the override. And because that monolithic file is so important, it's definitely something you don't want to mess with without being really careful; a mistake could throw off virtually all of the text in the game.

No, the way to go is tweaking the mod's files. Before you install the mod.

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Guest JohnSmith


It's better to reinstall the mod with your modifications. But "depending on what" you want to change, Near Infinity can modify certain files without disrupting everything.

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I think I have the answer I need. My goal was to change some of the dialogue choices of the protagonist for personal use only. 

I believe modifying the .d and .tra files in a text editor to my taste from the files provided in  the mod then reinstalling the mod using the Project infinity app will get the desired result.

That said, I only just now started learning to use the Near Infinity tool, and I strongly suspect it will also do what I desired.

I also just discovered the Dialog Workshop tool on the Gameapps website, which I found on the links shown on this site. I might try that, but think I'll be better off learning Near infinity in the long run, as I also have a desire to add items to a couple of Stores found in the game.

Again thanks to all. I'm looking forward to learning how  to do some simple mods.


P.S. The Dialog Workshop tool does not list IWDEE as one of the games it supports, but since it does support IWD, and since it only modifies dialog, I suspect it will work. Am I right?

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Ah, yes. I can only support to get familiar with weidu and the common mod structure over using near Infinity to mod your game, simply because with a mod that can be reinstalled, you will not lose your changes in case your game gets borked, but of course just editing files directly with NI is much simpler for little tweaks. I am not sure it's simpler for editing dialogues, though, but I'm so familiar with doing that with weidu that I probably can't judge how complicated it was to get there.

I don't know about Dialog Workshop, do you have a link?

In case you are missing reply options in a mod of mine, feel free to suggest them in the mods' forums, too. Maybe I like some and integrate them, no promises of course.

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