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Characters Choose Minor New Abilities Every Three Levels and Change Experience Point Cap

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Got a question which regarding compatibility between the "Characters Choose Minor New Abilities Every Three Levels" component and the "Change Experience Point Cap" from the Tweaks Anthology. With both components installed and the experience cap removed, the "Characters Choose Minor New Abilities Every Three Levels" doesn't work. The "abilities" is there to be clicked, but it doesn't open when clicking and it's obviously because vanilla game only goes to level 40. 


There was a thread about this here a week or so ago, and the poster posted a work-around where he tweaked something in the game files and now I cannot find the thread. Does anybody know how to make these two components work? It's no biggie if not; it's just that with the quest mods I like to install on Baldur's Gate 1, I like to continue levelling after reaching the experience cap just to squeeze out one extra level in Baldur's gate and perhaps one level in Siege. It makes an insane SCS run a bit better.


No worries if not.

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