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dialogue bug

Guest Dunderdon

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Guest Dunderdon

Hi there! I hope you can help me with a bug occuring in my bp-bgt-nej game that is probably caused by BG1.


The problem is that once a character approaches me and initates a dialogue i don't see any response options after his first statement. Instead I have to start a dialogue with him in order to be able to respond to what he says.


This is not really terrible but a bit annoying.


I have already installed these mods:


BP-BGT-NeJ version 161G

Patch 313 for BP-BGT-NeJ

Patch 1.14 for NeJ

s&h patch for BP version 6

DSotSC 1.60

NTotSC 1.2

^^ at this point the dialogues initated by others still worked.


however, after the installation of BG1NPC 4 bp-bgt version 8, the problem described above occured.


Is this a known bug? I have searched the forum a bit but didn't find any comments about this.


Should I skip a few options in the installation process? So far I always took all options except the BG2 portraits.


thanks for help in advance.

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Guest Guest

I forgot something!!

I also installed Tashia NPC, Imoen romance, Shorter-Better-transistion and Yocamos Worldmap prior to the install of the BG1NPC mod.

(however i also playtested my install after this and the problem did not occur before installing the Bg1NPC)

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