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[Plugins] Basic and useful effects plugins in Audacity for voice mastering

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This is a collection of some basic and useful Audacity effects plugins and how to use them to enhance recorded voice lines on highlevel.

The example in this topic is deep voices because I recorded them and added them into mods.

Here are some YouTube videos promoting the voice mods:

Here's an unmastered funny outtake(It puts a smile on my face😄 )

Here's a comparison of a mastered version of the same line:

I highly recommend listening to both with headsets so the difference can be heard more clearly (this is also recommended when mastering audio in general). Additionally, the voices were recorded without professional equipment (e.g., without a sound booth and/or without a condenser microphone).

There are two ways to use plugins/effects in Audacity.

  1. There is “Effect” in the menu toolbar and is applied to the selected tracks at the same time
  2. Each audio track has a button on the left called “Effect” that allows you to add plugins to the specific audio track. The advantage is that the plugins can be activated and deactivated, e.g. to see how it affects the vocal line.

Ok, let's get started (The order may not be necessary, but this is the order I use them):

  • Effect->Loudness Normalization": Loudness normalization, as the name suggests, normalizes all of your tracks, meaning that all of your tracks are given the same “loudness”. To do this, all audio tracks must be selected.
  • Effect->Noise Reduction”: Because this can be a very useful effect to reduce or even eliminate background noise such as hissing and crackling, which can come from your PC in the background, for example. Using noise reduction is a little different than you might expect, but the plugin explains how to do it when selected. Two steps are required. The first step is the most critical part. In the first step, I select an area within a recorded voice line that is not a recorded area but contains unwanted background noise (see next image below). All audio tracks can then be selected and “Effect->Noise Reduction” can be applied.


  • Effect->Normalize”: This plugin is very optional and may not be of use to you as I use it to increase or decrease the volume in certain recording areas.
  • "Bass and Trebel": This is a track specific effect. This is something I just use to increase the dB value for the bass. It can subtly make the deep voice “stronger.” I generally increase to 6 dB, but that's up to you.
  • "Elgato EQ": This is an audio track specific effect. This plugin can help increase or decrease certain frequencies. It has an intuitive user interface. For example, for deep voices, lower frequency areas are important, while higher frequency areas are not so much, but again, it's important to listen to how things sound while parameterizing the plugin.
  • "Effect->Compressor": This is basically a very important plugin because its main purpose is to reduce the level of the loudest parts of the signal. This makes the volume of the loudest and quietest parts more even. Honestly I can't say how the parameters work, but the default values generally work for my purposes. All audio tracks can then be selected and “Effect->Compressor” can be applied.

I hope this helps and of course everything I (or anyone else) write is prone to errors so point them out if you find anything.

I wish you all happy modding (and I will now go back to coding😁).

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