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FW goes insane; becomes Spellhold Studios!

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Hi, everyone!


Forgotten Wars will be moving to another domain quite soon, and at the same time undergoing an unavoidable name change. This course of action is because Neil Sharp, aka Wolfie, our previous administrator, has asked that we relocate our community to another domain as soon as we are able to do so. He feels that FW is growing away from his original vision, and that therefore we should retire the name and appearance of Forgotten Wars.


I can therefore announce that after a few days of brainstorming, we have finally settled for a new name! FW will now be known as Spellhold Studios and this is also the new domain we shall soon move to.


The forum database will be moved, together with most of the mods, to Spellhold Studios. You will not need to register again, and no data will be lost. A few things might be changed to suit the new environment, but I do not want to spoil anything for you. :) After the transfer is finished, we will have a free hand to continue working on our other projects, in order to make Spellhold Studios a better modding community.


We are currently in process of making everything ready for the move. It is scheduled to take place on Saturday June 25. The forum will be taken offline as we relocate the database, in order not to lose any information.


For comments or questions, I refer you to this thread in the FW News and Announcements forum.


Best Regards


- Sebastian

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