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Guest Guest_Scott3614a_*

Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but how about a tweak that allows specialty mages no fail on memorization of scrolls from their school? For example, Necromancers would never fail to memorize a necromancy spell scroll.

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Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but how about a tweak that allows specialty mages no fail on memorization of scrolls from their school? For example, Necromancers would never fail to memorize a necromancy spell scroll.

The way the game is set up, I don't think that's possible. The best you can do is the Easy Spell Learning component from the Tweak Pack.


If I'm wrong, someone will be by to correct me shortly...

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Love the BG2 pack, but have some additional requests.

Please change Viconia's Holy Symbol of Shar to be usable by all alignments - as it stands if she changes alignment in ToB after level 25, or if you use the Helm of Opposite Alignment so she can vaporise undead with Turn Undead (and doesn't whine in a high-rep party) it become useless. If it could just be made character-specific a la other NPC gear (i.e. Valygar's family armor) that'd be much appreciated. Ditto for Anomen and his Symbol of Helm/Aerie and Symbol of Baervan. Even better would be just renaming Holy Symbols of Lathander/Helm/Talos to just plain "Holy Symbol" for non-kit Priests, so say, a CN Cleric isn't using a Holy Symbol of Helm, or a Cleric of Corellon Larethian doesn't have to settle for Lathander.

Happy Patch option of just affecting whether NPCs will leave due to reputation, so you can still see the Haer-Dalis/Aerie romance.

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Guest das_hermit

Another one...I'm using the multiromance patch in ToB with Jaheira and Viconia, and have just got the wraith sequence. Only pseudo-Valas appeared and Jaheira isn't coming out with the post-wraith dialogue -which is interesting inasmuch as before entering the Tree of Life area Jaheira was treated as the official squeeze.

For event-based dialogues, in this case the Wraith in ToB using the multi-romance patch is it possible to have all romanced characters have their respective wraith visions show up? Or at least have the dialogues show up as if the events had happened for them all? I'm just saving beforehand and using Shadowkeeper to change variables to see both with Viccy as the 'real' one, and seem to recall the romance with Jaheira will just continue anyway. Hope so.

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Minor BG2 Tweak suggestion - Haer'Dalis starting proficiency redistribution.


If Haer'Dalis is picked up by a high-level PC, he has * in daggers and darts, and ** in short swords, dual wield, and long swords. If he is picked up by a lower-level PC, he has * in daggers, darts, and ** in short swords and dual wield. A PC somewhere between the 2 gets ** in short swords and dual-wield, and * in dagger, darts, and longswords. However, PCs who get him at lower levels cannot manually give him ** in longswords, effectively meaning they are disadvantaged by having him in the party for the whole game compared to players who just pick him up later on. This is understandable in terms of game programming (Blades only being able to put * in weapons), but seems counterintuitive from a gaming point of view - the more you use characters the more useful/powerful they become, rather than vice versa. It hardly needs be said that there are many better longswords than shortswords in BG2.


Since characters cannot use ranged weapons while dual-wielding, and most players use Haer'Dalis in melee combat over ranged (as he is presumably intended), I suggest reassigning his initial * proficiencies in Daggers and Darts to Longswords, so players who have him from the beginning don't miss out.



Instead of the default

Lvl 10 - [*] Dagger, Dart, [**] Short Sword, Two Weapon Style

Lvl 13 - [*] Dagger, Dart, Longsword, [**] Short Sword, Two Weapon Style

Lvl 15 - [*] Dagger, Dart, [**] Longsword, Short Sword, Two Weapon Style


make it


Lvl 10 - [**] Long Sword, Short Sword, Two Weapon Style

Lvl 13 - [*] Dart [**] Long Sword, Short Sword, Two Weapon Style

Lvl 15 - [*] Dagger, Dart [**] Long Sword, Short Sword, Two Weapon Style

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Guest LSWSjr

How about, for cosmetic changes, making Minsc and Sarevok bald and by that I mean making their hair colour the same as their skin colour. I do it all the time with Shadowkeeper everygame, it actually makes it look like Minsc has a dent in his head.


Also on the topic of colour changes why not change Jaheira's skin colour to match her portrait, similar to Aerie's paler tone rather than having her with a reddish tone?!?




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Guest Brela

I was just curious what the thoughts would be on changing the amount of gold needed to buy the Shadow Thieves "help". Gaelan asks for 20,000, then it is knocked down to 15,000. That amount is so easily gathered that it seems a much higher amount would be more believable. Hence, making it necessary to actual complete many of the quests in order to be able to leave the city to retrieve Imoen, not just a kill time and get XP before going to free her.

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Guest Humanoid_Taifun

The spell description of ADHW (vaporizing the water of living creatures) should mean that a number of creatures are immune to it (especially Fire Elementals).

Other creatures that are handled in a (debatably) illogical manner are golems, other elementals, undead and slimes (being water-based life forms they would likely suffer additional damage from it's removal).


I've already started a thread on this subject on the Bioware forum.

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Guest Somebody Who Likes Archers

How about changing the archer class so that it gets the bonus consistently every three levels and adding damage bonuses to the magical bows and restoring ranged combat to an actual option?


This would total in a +7 damage bonus, which would nearly close the gap between them and any melee warrior and have the side effect that the high end bow that your servant from hell forged for you is actually better than the short bow you took from an unknown beast master.


As a reminder: at the moment, an archer level 34 with Tuigan deals only about 175 points of damage per round, a bit more with Acid Arrows and the Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization...

Since even the worse high end melee weapons deal about 10 points of damage, with Str 22, Specialization and GWW, it's easy for any meleeing warrior to deal over 220 points of damage per round.

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Guest Grasshopper

I'd like to see Elven Chain made useable by single-class Mages and Archers.

That and making the Robe of Vecna a bit more 'neutral' coloured, maybe black, gold or silver trim instead of green.

I've edited the files in my game with NI to this effect if the programmers want them...I haven't tested the Robe yet though, and since some of my other custom upgrades (mostly screwing with NPC-specific items) have crashed the game it's probably worth doing so.

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I realize I posted this in the wrong topic, so it really belongs here.


I would like to request a BG1 Tweak: making magical large shields change their color to match the character's color, the way mundane shields do.


A friend of mine forgoes using +1 large shields specifically because they make all his characters using them look the same, whereas mundane shields, for only 1 AC less, match the character color and make the overall appearance much nicer and help to distinguish the characters. The shields are large and flat enough that their color dominates the overall color appearance of the character most of the time, especially if the characters are wearing identical types of armor (plate mail, ankheg plate etc) and having the shields all look tan makes the characters look even more similar to each other and aggravates the problem.


I could see them making magic shields have set colors if they glowed, or pulsed, or something like some magic weapons do, but a dull tan doesn't seem to justify having a fixed color for them.


This tweak might be appropriate for BG2 and IWD as well, I don't recall if their magic shields also refuse to conform to the character colors they way they do in BG1.


And thanks for all your great work, the BG1 Tweaks is making the playing experience very pleasant. It's hard to imagine playing without it now!

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As I install Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter for the first time in years, and skim the rulebooks, I see an obnoxiousism that no doubt is due to Wizards of the Coast taking over AD&D and dumbing it down:



A few of the Icewind Dale spells will gain alignment conditions when Heart of Winter expansion is installed. This means your character must either be (or not be) a certain alignment in order to cast the spell. For example, a spell that can only be cast by a “good†character could be cast by a Lawful

Good, Neutral Good or Chaotic Good character, but not by a character of any other alignment.

The spells that have changed are as follows:

  • Raise Dead: Only non-evil characters can cast this spell.
  • Resurrection: Only good characters can cast this spell.
  • Heal: Only good characters can cast this spell.
  • Cure Critical Wounds: Only non-evil characters can cast this spell.


These changes essentially make evil clerics useless and even neutral clerics of limited value.


Any chance of a tweak to get rid of these Walt Disney modifications to the game? Icewind Dale had a dark, brooding feel to it...till I got to this part of the rules.

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I'm not sure it has been mentioned before, but what are the possibilities of including another option to the hp component? I'd like one to let you gain a fixed amount of hp each level, similar to one variant of the PnP rules: each class gets full HD at level 1, and gains an amount of HP each time they level up equal to (HD/2)+1 (ie., Mages gain 3hp, Fighters 6, etc).

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