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My Bard request


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My bard request is the good old fashioned Icewind Dale bard. His songs are:

· The Ballad of Three Heroes

Gained at level one. While being played, all allies gain +1 to hit and damage, and +1 to saving throws.

· The Tale of Curran Strongheart

Gained at level three. While being played, all fear effects are removed from allies and immunity to fear is granted until song is stopped.

· Tymora's Melody

Gained at level five. While being played, allies gain +1 Luck, +3 saving throws, +10% to lore and thief skills.

· The Song of Kaudies

Gained at level seven. While being played, allies gain a 50% chance to resist sound-based attacks such as Command, Great Shout, Shout and Silence.

· The Siren's Yearning

Gained at level nine. While being played, enemies must save vs. spell or be enthralled. They will be unable to take any action for one turn or until damage is taken.

· War Chant of Sith

Gained at level eleven. While being played, allies gain -2 AC bonus, +10% resistance to crushing, missile attacks, piercing, and slashing and regeneration of two hit points per round.


However the levels didn't seem right. And somoene at CoM(rabain) agreed. So perhaps something like this?


· The Ballad of Three Heroes Level 1

· The Tale of Curran Strongheart Level 4

· Tymora's Melody Level 9

· The Song of Kaudies Level 13

· The Siren's Yearning Level 17

· War Chant of Sith Level 21


This gives you all songs before the game is over but makes sure you don't have over powerful songs early in the game. Such as War Chant of Sith, it would be a little powerful at level 17 but at level 21 with those last couple fights agaisnt Irenicus. Well it may be quite a bit useful.



This could be a modification to the regular Bard(and blades just get the first one or something) or it could be a brand new kit.




Another idea I had was for a bard who could find traps.


Skills from AD&D that are not implimented in BG: Detect Noise, Climb Walls, Read Languages, Remove Traps and using a musical instrument.


Here it seems like they should be able to.


Are either of these even possible?

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We'd thought about new songs for kitless bards, yeh, so it will probably be in a future version.


With regards to Find Traps, it is not possible to add the ability in the same style a thief can do it to bards. I'm not sold on the idea either.

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