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Rogue Rebalancing and Song Silence

Buck Naked

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I'm running Tutu, with both Rougue rebalancing and Song and Silence installed -- dorry, can't remember which one I installed first. :)


The description for the Blade says that they get three free points in two-weapon fighting (heck, even the Ranger only gets two), but when I try to create a Blade, he doesn't get those free points.


Also, seems a shame to give ALL thieves the chance to put three points in two-wepaon style, and thus nerf the Swashbuckler (and all just to satisfy Karzak, lol). Perhaps Swashbucklers (and Blades) should get just two free points in two-weapon style at character creation, just like Rangers (or perhaps even only one free point). Or maybe all other Thieves besides Swashbucklers should be limited to putting a maximum of two points in two-weapon style, with only Swashbucklers getting to go all the way up to three points. (Are all other classes besides Fighters, Rangers, Blades and Swashbucklers limited to two points maximum anyway?)


Anyway, my Bade isn't getting what his kit description promises, so is that RR's fault, SS's fault, or is it my fault for not remembering which one I installed first? :D

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On a side note: Adding free points in proficiencies is a really bad idea for kits since IIRC they won't show up until after character creation. This means that a player can easily waste points by adding stars to a proficiency that will be automatically altered once the game starts and the clab is applied.

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Your WeiDU.LOG will tell you which is installed first. :) What you get ingame for the kit will be whichever you installed most recently.


And yeah, the Swashbuckler is overpowered already... I don't think it needs compensating for the fact that other rogues can now place 3 stars in Two Weapon Fighting.

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That's the kit description for the kit from RR, not SS.


I think I know why that is happening. :) You have the text from RR but the abilities from SS (I do not give free stars in dual-wielding). It's a purely cosmetic problem and I will fix it for the next version; I just need to have the installer check to see if RR is present.

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