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Overview of LoI

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Hmm... perhaps once you're done co-auothing the Branwen romance for the BG1NPC Project, you and your partner might consider bringing her over into BG2...? :D



That would be great!!! I PM'd Jolyth (my partner) and Domi (to get permision to make a few references to the BG1 Romance). Oh wow, this is gonna be great! Branwen should be romancable, right? I think she should be, makes no sense otherwise. We should also make references when appropriate, right? Around the same amount Jaheira and Viconia make about BG1 in their BG2 BioWare romance? I hope Domi and Jolyth agree. Thank you so much, NiGHTMARE, you won't regret it!


Mod # 2 for Tameon the Dragoon :D !


However I feel I must tell you how dissapointed I am Jaina isn't romancable...how dissapointed? This dissapointed :D !


Edit: Domi said everything Jolyth and I write is ours, so all I'm waiting for is Jolyth's agreement (can't manage without her I'm afraid) !

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Kivan and Elai are both nearing completion (just coding left to do for Kivan

This just made my day. :D

Oh that's a classic...

He is- I just need to write and add some more dialogue. And get a soundset, but I'm going to wait til everything else is done for that. Elai is fully playable at the moment. :D


The Firewalker of Kossuth will be a joinable NPC, yes. And after Elai, BG1 NPC and many Cleric kits are done he's probably what I'll be working on first for LoI.


Personally, I'd like to add in a bit more travel somewhere cool- perhaps a portal in the Underdark to somewhere, or a trip to another plane.


Most (almost all? :D) of the ideas mest be credited to NiGHTMARE, though.

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Tameon: Great! Superb! Woohoo! etc :D Looks like Kivan will be getting some company in his journey from BG1 to the sequel :D


BTW, if someone with the neccessary powers sees this, please give Tameon access to the private forums, thanks :D


Andyr: Hmm... Firewalker of Kossuth... Underdark... Portals... Planes... Elemental portals are already there... Elemental Plane of Fire!!! :D


Anyway, credit must also go to the currently MIA Corradun, who came up with the quests involving the Council of Six, the Sythillisian empire, the slavers, and the Church of Cyric.

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Thanks for the offer! My first piece of advice is to remember that LoI will have more kits & races than BG2, so don't let those restrict you. Anyway, here are few ideas:


The return of Alora, Eldoth, Faldorn, Garrick, Kagain, Montaron, Skie, Xzar or Yeslick from BG1. Others are either already in BG2/LoI or other mods, or are too integral to the BG2 plot or appear too late in-game (Faldorn, Garrick, Xzar, etc can easily be worked around, but Coran, Quayle, Tiax, etc are a different story) . I know a lot of them are in TDD, but they're so underdeveloped there we can safely ignore that :D





1) a half-breed character. LoI will add half-Ogres and half-Orogs as well as the usual half-Orcs.


2) an evil Halfling or Gnome.


3) a Ghostwise Halfling.


4) a normal looking character who happens to have an "unusual ancestor", such as a Celestial, Djinni, Efreeti or Dragon.


5) a Half-Elf of an uncommon subrace, e.g. half-Aquatic, half-Avariel (interesting banters with Aerie) or half-Drow (very interesting banters with Viconia).





1) a single classed Thief. BG2 could really do with one after Yoshimo is dead. Of course both Alora and Skie would fill this role. :D


2) a three multi-class character, such as a Fighter/Mage/Thief or Fighter/Mage/Cleric. Just because they're so rare in BG2.


3) a Barbarian.


4) an unusual Druid. This could be a grey (underground) druid, a shadow druid (Faldorn!!! :D), a lost druid (one bent on revenge for some wrong), a druid outlaw, etc.


5) a Necromancer. A good aligned Necromancer could be interesting to write for, though even a stereotypical evil one would still be cool. Most Necromancers seem to be Human, so a non-Human could be fun to do too. :D


6) a Bard. Garrick and Eldoth would both fill this role, but I wouldn't mind seeing a female bard either.


7) a non-good Paladin-like character. This could be an evil Death Knight or Anti-Paladin, but there are neutral equivalents too (I believe the true neutral version is called a Witch Knight).



There are a few characters I'd like to avoid:


1) any more single-class Rangers or Clerics, as LoI is already going to have 2 of each. :D I wouldn't be opposed to a multi-classed one though.


2) the same with Paladins. I think Keldorn and Jaina, along with the Paladin-like Mazzy and LG Anomen, are enough. :D


3) any more good-inclined Elves. The BG series has enough already IMHO. :D An evil Elf would be a refreshing change, though I'd prefer an evil Halfling or Gnome...


4) a super-powerful canon character, such as Drizzt or Elminster, but of course this almost goes without saying. A rarely heard of, non-powerful pnp character who has good reason for being ingibberlings3.net Amn would be okay. For example, one or more of Cadderly's companions (from the Cleric Quintet) would make an interesting addition.


5) someone who has "lost their memory". It's just too clichèd. :D

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:D Jeez, NiGHTMARE, you said you wanted at least five NPCs, but by the sound of this you want way more! But of course, that's fine by me :D .


Alora, Garrick, Kagain, Yeslick, Montaron, and Xzar as fully playable NPCs?! Yay! I didn't know they are a part of LoI! Will they be any less of NPCs, since there are so many? And no Tiax? He *is* an evil Gnome. Aw...can't have everything, I guess. But, with me at the helm of Branwen, and Jolyth pretending she's working, we will have the best BG1 NPC of them all!

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