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Just a request for clarification:

Would interact.2da start the appropriate strrefs in the actor's string table?

Or it is connected to banters in B<actorname>.dlg files?

I guess the first.

Is this mechanism work in bg2/iwd/iwd2?

It seems to be working in bg1/pst, but possibly it works elsewhere.


(i want to implement this in GemRB, so a really precise definition is needed)

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It randomly calls strrefs from the actor's soundslots (which I'm guessing is what you mean by string table). I think it is linked to the character's happiness. IIRC when I had a reputation of 20 all the good characters were regularly spouting these lines.

i = insult

c = compliment

s = special

In BG1 the soundslots are named as such. In BG1 I think they're INSULT, COMPLIMENT3 and SPECIAL3. There are also MISCELLANEOUS (should be RESPONSE_TO_COMPLIMENT) and RESPONSE_TO_INSULT slots. These aren't used usually, so they might work if a new interact.2da table were made.

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I think the SPECIAL slot is used for a three way "banter" e.g. INSULT/COMPLIMENT -> RESPONSE_TO_INSULT/COMPLIMENT -> SPECIAL.


Hmmm... Actually I think there is more to it. It would have been nice if BioWare had named the soundslots better. I'll see if I can work out the correct order the slots are called in.

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