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gasxero on the Deathbringer kit


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gasxero had a suggestion for the Deathbringer kit that he brought up in the Refinements forum. I thought I'd share our exchange in the form of my reply.


Instead Sarevok casting spook, why not just have a permanent 'cloak of fear' put on him...that way one of his main advantages (intimidation) would also be his weakness. besides, more than one party member already feels uncomfortable having him around, atleast from a RP perspective.


Why are you posting this here, it seems to be a comment on my mod and not Refinements. I do have a forum for these kinds of suggestions.


Having said that I do think it is a fairly good idea. I'm not sure if it would work in practice though, it might be to difficult to take Sarevok anywhere in Saradush for example. A toned down Cloak of Fear could work though. The Deathbringer kit is still largely under development, mainly because I had no canon kit to base it on. Any feedback is welcome.


A beta version of NPC Kit is available from the Gibberlings Three downloads page. (Please don't try installing any of the Imoen components in conjuction with SwashImoen - it will only end in tears.)

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I think a cloak of fear that gives a save +4 and affects hostiles once per round would be neat. If that is unbalanced (highly unlikely, imho. You don't get Sarevok until ToB after all.) increase the save bonus.

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I once tried to make an item with a permanent Cloak of Fear effect and it went a bit awry; there were both visual (it played the animation each round which was irritating) and targetting (party members seemed to run too sometimes) issues. Having said that it was a fair while ago so I am unsure how much was the .SPL/opcodes and how much was my ineptness. :)


If you can get it working it would seem to fit quite well, though.

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While this is doable, it would have to done via a permanently assigned "cast spell every x seconds" effect. I am not happy with this (just because you can, doesn't mean you should) so it won't be implemented. Besides, the concept of the Deathbringer is undergoing an overhaul, it may no longer be appropriate.

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