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The future?

Buck Naked

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I suppose it is time I gave an outline of my future plans.


NPC Kit Pack for BG2

What I have now is pretty much what will be in the first non-beta release. Some final adjustments need to be made, notably in the Deathbringer kit and Adventurer kit. I am also not entirely happy with the some of the kit descriptions.


NPC Kit Pack for Tutu

NiGHTMARE suggested I expand the concept to Tutu and even went as far as doing a load of research to get me started. Any and all suggests in "this" thread please.


Original Kit Revisions

Following on from my improved mage kit descriptions, this will mainly focus on improving the poor kit descriptions of the BioWare kits. However, it also may include changes and/or bug fixes as I see fit.


Note on Cleric Remix

This project was largley inspired by Cleric Remix as such I an unlikely to make changes to any cleric NPCs. I will obviously ensure compatibilty at all times.


Note on Rogue Rebalacing

When I get around to altering the thief kits I may clash with Rogue Reblancing. I will do my best to ensure that you can use the other improvements Rogue Rebalancing provides along with any changes I might make.

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I forgot to add that I am going to make Minsc a Rashemaar Ranger kit. This will be exactly the same as a normal ranger kit but he will also gain more instances of his unique berserk ability as he levels up. I'll probably also change the kit description to reflect this.

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If you're open to including kits for characters that normally have one anyway, I'm planning to make a thespian kit for LoI - which seems more than appropriate for Haer'Dalis. If you like, I can donate it once it's done ;).

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