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New area structures on the horizon!

Guest avenger_work

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Guest avenger_work

Snares set by thieves (and possibly other trap projectiles like skull trap) are saved in the area file.

The offset/counter are right after the mapnote offset/counter in the header.

This points at a trap header.

The trap header contains: projectile name, pointer to effect block, unknowns

The effect block contains EFF V2.0 structures.


I've yet to make a complete analysis, I just wrote this to boost motivation :)


Imagine the possibility of animated traps that are completely mobile!

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Nice find.

If I get time tonight, I'll have a look. If only my job was to do modding...


Imagine the possibility of animated traps that are completely mobile!


That was the point of my entry into your TBG trap contest...

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Yeah, it contains ResRefs to the trap spell(s) corresponding to the particular trap that was set. I ran across this when trying to see why the Mac version of ToB doesn't display the map notes for set traps (the "Snare - Here" notes don't ever display with ToB for Mac OS X).


I'm not sure how you'd manipulate it, though...

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Ok, the new structure, size is 28 (1ch) bytes:


0000 Projectile resref

0008 Effect block offset

000c Effect block size (not counter, but raw size)

0010 Unknown

0014 X Position

0016 Y Position

0018 Unknown



As a side product, i noticed new fields in the embedded effect.

After resource3, there are 4 dwords for some kind of positions.

The first 2 seems like the effect's center in the area

The second 2 are probably the caster's position, but i'm not sure.


0x0070 8 (resref) 3. resource

0x0078 4 Center X position

0x007c 4 Center Y position

0x0080 4 Unknown X position

0x0084 4 Unknown Y position

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