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Ust Natha Accelerator


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Tired of playing through the whole Ust Natha episode again and again and yet again? Well this Mod is for you!


This Mod aims to

- seamlessly speed up the quest in Ust Natha

- still experience most of the Ust Natha quest portions where NPCs are likely to comment


It is targeted mainly at NPC Mod players who are playing the section all over again, and want to shorten the experience, especially the walking tedium, but who also wish to hear at least some of the places where NPC interjections most commonly occur (in my opinion), which I think are concerning killing Solaufein, sleeping with Phaere, and the Demon Summoning ritual. The gnome-patrol portion is removed from the accelerated experience.


The original Ust Natha experience is also still available, so long as you speak to Solaufein BEFORE finishing All the Duels or All the Pit Fights.


For more information - http://www.geocities.com/zyraen/readmeuna.txt

Download at - http://www.geocities.com/zyraen/ustnathaacc.zip (256 kb)

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Updates / Bugs



- a very elusive bug has been resolved, to do with Solaufein causing problems if he is moved into AR2205 too early. The only revision to resolve this has been to add a single condition check to Z#UNA2200.baf. I am still not sure what actually causes the error to surface.

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