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Some R_T issues...

Grim Squeaker

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I'm using this code (plus an EXTEND_BOTTOM at the end) to expand the Mazzy Altar section.


COPY_EXISTING ~ar1400.bcs~ ~override/ar1400.bcs~
       REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~!InParty("Mazzy")~ ~!InParty("Mazzy")
       REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("MazzyAltar","GLOBAL",2)~ ~Global("MazzyAltar","GLOBAL",2)
       REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("MazzyAltar","GLOBAL",0)~ ~Global("MazzyAltar","GLOBAL",0)
       REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~TriggerActivation("Altar",FALSE)
 TriggerActivation("AltarMaz",TRUE)~ ~TriggerActivation("Altar",FALSE)
       REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~TriggerActivation("AltarMaz",FALSE)
 TriggerActivation("Altar",TRUE)~ ~TriggerActivation("AltarMaz",FALSE)
       REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~SetGlobal("MazzyAltar","GLOBAL",3)~ ~SetGlobal("MazzyAltar","GLOBAL",3)


However, only the last R_T is actually happening. I thought some of it might be due to dodgy handling of new lines, but that doesn't explain why the first one isn't working.


Anyone have some suggestions? Does anyone else get the same issue?

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Ok, solved this with a decompile with WeiDU. Turns out what InfExp was reporting as !InParty("Mazzy"), turned out to be !IfValidForPartyDialogue("Mazzy"), because of the tweak pack. The multiline ones were just because of that issue. Instead of one/two tabs I wanted two/four spaces at the start of each line. Watch out for this one in future, modders!

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