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Idea - randomized set encounters


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This was something i proposed elsewhere before and got good remarks, but the problem is its kinda tedius.


Basically set encounters that don't require a particular character/class to appear would have a pool to pick from. Also the location of those placed would also be randomized somewhat if possible. Who appears if possible would wait until the encounter occured that way no one could pre-buff for a specific encounter nessarily.

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I think this a good idea. It seems every random encounter I get are clones of the same band of thugs. Irenicus must have taken a while to get his tanks running properly. :)


It might be nice to have some monsters pop up in the wilderness for a bit of extra variety too.

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more random encounters on wilderness maps might be interesting as well.


my idea was specifically to deal with set encounters for anyone that isn't essential and has a set class in the games's lore (fe Irencus would always be the same), but those protecting him might not be. And those elsewhere might not as well.


The main point was to make it nigh impossible to pre-buff using ooc knowledge.


But i'm not saying the other idea isn't good either and would go along with the above statement.


it would be great if this was added for more than just bg2 though as well.

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