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Because I feel like completely wasting time, I've been throwing things into http://babelfish.altavista.com/ and translating them into a different language, then back into English. Translated from English to French, back to English, my dad's last e-mail to me reads like this:

You agree with Dave. Cindy and me thought that it was CORRECT [sW Ep. 3]. We hope to see the war of the worlds this week. Thank you for information for house! In addition to resting outside and eating of a hot dog, beans and of a corn for the dinner (quarter of food of July, or what?) The base will touch after our voyage tomorrow.


You agree with Dave. Cindy I thought it was APPROVED. We hope to see war it is world this week. Thanks for house info! To sit outside and to eat hot sausage, beans and sweet corn for the dinner (fourth of food during July, or?) It will touch to base after our turning off tomorrow.


It agrees with デーブ. The good thing where Cindy and I thought. We desire the fact that you look at the war of this week world. House information thank you! From separated, sits down at outside, in order dinner (the July food 1/4 to eat, or something? ) The hot dog of for the sake of, the bean and the sweet corn tomorrow are touched in the basis of after our travelling.


It agrees in the Dave which it spreads out. The Cindy and me it thought the leh Uss multi thing. We warfare of the world this week hope the fact that it sees. House intelligence hazard thanks! Only it falls and Anj and the dinner (you of the July food it eats to respect, or what? ) The hazard hot dog, the bean and the sweet corn after our travelling will touch a foundation tomorrow.
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Well, if Aklon ever gets translated, I'm not using Babelfish. :)


The original:


(Carefully, you put forth your hand, find the knot that holds Aklon’s hair and pull the cord to release it. Thanks to your generous help, the cord simply rolls off Aklon’s ponytail, flopping to the ground. Aklon makes a small sound of annoyance, turns and crouches to retrieve his hair cord. As he does, Aklon looks up at you, his expression stern behind the hair cascading over his face, though you see no anger in his eyes) I trust you find this amusing, my benefactor?



To Spanish and back:


(carefully, you put ahead your hand, finds the knot that maintains the hair of Aklon and throws of the cord to send it. Thanks to their abundant aid, the cord fall the ponytail of Aklon, throwing themselves to the Earth simply. Aklon makes a sound small of the annoyance, gives return and it is crouched to recover his cord of the hair. As he does it, Aklon watches above for you, its stern of the expression behind the hair that it connects in cascade on his face, although you do not see any rage in your confidence that you find this diversion, my benefactor of eyes) I?


To Italian and back


(with attention, you have put ahead your hand, found the node that it holds hats of the Aklon and pulled the cable in order to free them. Thanks to your generous aid, the cable rolls simply outside of the ponytail of the Aklon, flopping to the earth. Aklon makes a small sound of the disturbance, turns and crouches in order to recall its cable of hats. How, Aklon watches in on you, its breast of expression behind the hats that proceed in sequence over its face, benchè does not see anger in its confidence that found this to amuse, mine benefactor of eyes) I?



To Japanese and back:


The knot which puts in place the cord/code which is pulled in order to release that it is careful, finds your hand, grasps the hair of Aklon. It rolls simply from ponytail of Aklon which with favor of the cord/code and your broad-minded help pumps in the land separated. Aklon it makes the sound whose trouble is small, it turns in order to remove the cord/code of that hair, and the body can stoop. Him the way, as for Aklon on your that surface like the cascade however the stern of that expression of rear of the hair which falls you this that eye which finds the thing which is enjoyed) do not look at I reliance and the anger of my support person you inspect?

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This is a snippet from "Minsc and the Beanstalk":

The next morning was indeed different. As Minsc stepped out of the door of the inn for his usual constitutional, a wondrous sight greeted him.


"What do you make of this, Boo?" an astonished Minsc queried. "A forest has appeared in the village. Or did Minsc not notice and it has been here all along? Oh, of course, Boo. Minsc forgot about the magic beans, although I wondered if you maybe ate a few of them last night - such clouds coming from your backside! They are truly magic beans to make a forest here in the village! This will make my morning walk much more enjoyable!"


To Greek and back:


The next morning was indeed different. Kacw's Minsc walked from the door of his inn for usual constitutional, a marvellous view him it greeted. "What you makes this, Boo" a Minsc that is asked astonished. "A forest has been presented in the village. Or didn't Minsc also observe is here all front? OH, naturally, Boo. The Minsc forgot for the magic beans, even if I wondered ea'n perhaps you ate certain from htes the night - such clouds that emanate for your pj'sw part! They are genuine magic beans in order to they make a forest here in the village! This will render my walk of morning more pleasant!"


To Dutch and back:


The next morning was indeed differing. Minsc van Kacw which are constitutionally run of the door of its inn for usual, splendidly examine him it greeted. "what you this, Boo" make Minsc that astonished it is asked. A bunch has been presented in the village. Or Minsc did not take where also are here already front? Oh, natural, Boo. Minsc forgot for the magical broad beans, even if I was aroused curiosity ea'n perhaps you had been stipulated of htes the night - such clouds with which come for the part of your pj! They are real magical broad beans they make here a bunch in the village! This my pace of morning prettiger!"maken


To German and back:


The following morning was indeed different. While Minsc from the door of the hotel for its usual constitutional stepped out, an amazing sight greeted him. "which you form from this, buh?" a surprised Minsc in demand. "a forest has in the village geerschienen. Or considered Minsc and it was not everything here along? OH- naturally buh Minsc forgot over the magic beans, although I was surprised, if her possibly some of them yesterday evening - such clouds ate, which come from your back! They are really the magic beans to form to a forest here in the village! This forms means morning way many more pleasing!"


To Spanish and back:


The morning next different era in fact. Whereas Minsc walked generally of the door of the inn for its constitutionalist, a wonderful Vista greeted it. "what you do of this, boo" an asked amazing Minsc. "a forest has appeared in the village. Or Minsc did not notice and has here been all ahead? The Oh, of course, boo. Minsc forgot on habas magicians, although it asked perhaps to me if you ate to some of them yesterday at night - such clouds that came from their later part! Magicians to make a forest here in the village are truth habas! This will make my long walk in the morning much more pleasant "
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I have been living and studying in the Sates and somehow became joined to a Spanish language listserve, or whatever it’s called, from my university. So, I’ve decided to try and learn some of it…probably without any further ‘assistance’ from babelfish after this translation.


I also played of doorman for the same reasons, and single with friends, never I played in a club. Although when I was born they decian that I was going to be doorman because while I nacia habia an important party of one of the clubs of my pais, that was defined by penitentiaries while I nacia. I believe that the doorman of one of the equipment was called Rodolfo... But my mother says that the name me put it by the second husband of my grandmother (something asi like grandfathers postiso).


I don’t even have the slightest idea what this is supposed to mean. :)

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